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Summer Salt – Seventeen Lyrics

“Summer Salt – Seventeen Lyrics”

[Verse 1]
Gone away as a wild wave
Ride high on the day
I’ve been away so long
It’s been nice getting to know you

Well, as it seems, I was seventeen
When I first let out on a bike ride
Hit the brakes, now I’m wide awake
Was it just a matter of time
A year ago
Can’t believe that I was spinning out of control

[Verse 2]
Gone away as a wild wave
Ride high on the day
Out on an ocean liner
It’s been hard seeing you go

Well, as for me, I was seventeen
When my first true love broke into my heart
Castaway, where I’ve lived for days
On an island now drifting us apart
Still, here I go
Best believe there’s not a day I don’t look back on

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